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Indy Arts Fest shining positive light on local creatives

Posted at 2:58 PM, Aug 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-17 16:28:20-04

INDIANAPOLIS — The inaugural Indy Arts Fest is shining a light on talented artists in this city. In some places throughout town, you may notice the hashtag #byartistsforIndy.

“We have all these amazing artists in Indiana so one you should know about them, but two if you compare what the average Indiana artist is paid to the national average for creatives, it's less than half of what it actually should be, which is, is pretty nuts,” Koda Witsken said.

With each stroke, Witsken makes she keeps the big picture in mind that's how Indy Art Fest came to be.

“I’m a muralist, I’m running the event, pretty much everybody that's coordinating this is really doing it because we believe there are amazing artists in Indy, that should be a part of our community that can solve problems in our community and spread positivity,” Witsken said.

The festival kicks off Labor Day weekend.

“We are trying to build artistic momentum and presence in the community leading up to our event working in Zionsville and Speedway to really spread positivity and give back in every way,” Witsken said.

Here's a big piece of the picture they are trying to paint.

“We are paying all of our muralist, we're doing our best to get as many people as possible here for our retail vendors, but that's also a message we want to spread to not do this for free to one get the awareness and then to get the fair pay that our lovely talent deserves,” Witsken said.

You can buy tickets here.

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