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Indy homeowner says AES left equipment in yard creating a dangerous hassle for her family

Posted at 11:30 PM, Jul 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-20 01:24:28-04

INDIANAPOLIS — WRTV went to work for a homeowner on the city's north side and got a fix in just a few hours. But now equipment left behind by utility crews may be an issue for someone else in the neighborhood.

“I think I would have had more patience a week and a half ago,” said Ame Rhea. "We just need to be considerate that families live here. This is not a place to store those kinds of things. If they are they need to put up adequate fencing, maybe some cones that would give us an indication that this is a dangerous area."

Rhea said she called AES Indiana multiple times since July 9 about the equipment left behind.


“A couple of phone calls turned into four, turned into five,” Rhea said.

But still, no answer as to why the equipment was still in her yard, out in the open, waiting for an accident to happen.

"It's pretty much an eyesore. It's been a huge source of frustration," Rhea explained. "We like to take care of our own landscaping. You can't mow around it, you can't let the kids outside for any period of time because there was loose equipment, bolt cutting material. They also dug a hole the size an adult could fit it."

Rhea told AES that WRTV was coming out to see the mess on Monday. Upon arrival, a crew was there moving things over the fence. They even taped the area off and told Rhea the equipment had to stay a few more days.


WRTV reached out to the manager on-site who refused to answer. The on-site manager's supervisor later said the equipment would be moved Monday night.

A short time later, AES had another crew return, only to move the equipment from Rhea's yard to her neighbor's.

A spokesperson with AES Indiana said they are working on a planned infrastructure improvement project in the area that can take anywhere from two to four weeks.

It's a bit of relief for Rhea, even though the hassle will live to see another day in her neighborhood.


"My main goal is we need to learn from this experience. They are going to be moving to other areas in the neighborhood and we don't want to see a tragedy happen. This has to be taken care of in the right way,” she said.

Read the full statement below from AES Indiana:

AES Indiana is currently working on a planned infrastructure improvement project in this area that can take anywhere from two to four weeks. In this situation, the recent planned work was delayed due to weather. The equipment was placed in the utility easement, which is where it has been during the duration of the project. If for any reason damage occurs within the utility easement or outside of the easement, AES Indiana will be responsible and make appropriate repairs. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and are working with our contractors to ensure updates on this work are made.

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