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Indy Pride cancels Pride Parade in the interest of public health

COVID-19 Delta variant is now making outside events unsafe.
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Posted at 1:50 AM, Aug 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-17 02:20:22-04

INDIANAPOLIS — COVID-19 continues to impact big events around central Indiana. Indy Pride, Inc. announced on Monday that they're calling off the Pride Parade that was already rescheduled from the summer to October 2.

"The Indy Pride Parade is a very large, very public celebration of our community and we really feel like it would be tragic if anyone is negatively impacted by an event that's supposed to be a positive experience for anyone," Tiffany Hanson, Indy Pride's Director of Marketing and Communications, said.

From March Madness, to the Indy 500, central Indiana was looked at by some in the country as a model to show how you can have outdoor events during the pandemic. However, with the Delta variant being more contagious, organizations like Indy Pride are thinking twice about having big events outside.

"It has really forced us to be cautious with our planning and make sure we keep all of our community members safe," Hanson said.

Dr. Brad Scheu, VP and Chief Medical Officer of Deaconess Clinic, has a good explanation for why the Delta variant is making outside events less safe than they were just a few months ago:

"Probably the main difference about Delta variant we're seeing compared to a year ago or six months ago, people are carrying much more of this virus than they were previously," Scheu said. "You have an increased viral load and you're still close to another human, unmasked, closer than six feet. There's still a chance you could be transmitting it to that person."

Scheu said there's an easy way to avoid canceling events. It's what health professionals have been telling us for months.

"We don't have to continue going through this. We can all do our part to help get through this faster. If you're not vaccinated, get vaccinated. If you're in public, wear a mask, wash you hands, stay six feet apart. Taking all these steps individually will be the quickest way for us to get through this."

Until everyone takes those steps, you can expect organizations like Indy Pride to cancel or postpone events in the interest of public health.

"Even one case of COVID that wasn't expected that could be due to our planning is one case we don't want to risk because that could very tragically impact someone," Hanson said.

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