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IndyGo Red Line causing issues at Broad Ripple intersection

Posted at 8:17 PM, Aug 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-26 10:59:39-04

INDIANAPOLIS — The IndyGo Red Line is just a few weeks away from opening. However a problematic area for drivers has been spotted at, perhaps, the busiest intersection in Broad Ripple.

Buses, cars and trucks alike are having trouble navigating new Red Line barriers.

In the video above, you can see as drivers continuously drive over curbs due to the tight turn at College Ave and Broad Ripple Avenue.

While bus drivers train this week on their new routes along College Avenue -- so is the public. That Includes truck drivers like Kevin Bentley.

"What I am going to end up having to do is taking 465 and getting into backed up traffic up there, and go over to Meridian or something," Bentley said. "Or go down to Kessler and go across there. And a lot of these routes have a weight limit."

RTV6 saw truck after truck -- and even this school bus -- having to drive up on the curb to make that turn. The Red Line buses themselves hit the white bollards when trying to squeeze into the bus lane.

"I think the pipes should come out and then I think the curb should be taken away, back to the sidewalk," Annette Oneil, a Broad Ripple resident, said. "And give people the opportunity to actually drive their car around without worrying about hitting the pole, or going up on the curb."

IndyGo says over the next several months they and the Department of Pubic Works will continue monitoring traffic patterns and make adjustments when necessary as agreed-upon by both parties.

The departments encourage everyone using the road to be aware of new pavement markings and lane configurations and utilize information online at

IndyGo has been out all day, every day, training operators. All feedback from trainers and operators is reviewed by the operations department.