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IndyGo riders say route changes are affecting their commutes

Posted at 9:21 PM, Jan 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-30 23:58:07-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Megan Sullivan and her family use public transportation regularly, and she said she loves being able to rely on IndyGo to get around town.

"My husband used to commute from Broad Ripple to Downtown for work, and I've utilized it go to the Children's Museum, the Keystone Fashion Mall, the Nora library," Sullivan said. "We made a conscious decision to be a one-car family, which is eco-favorable and economically favorable and one of the main reasons we were able to do that is because we were really close to four bus stops."

However, recent route changes that now require transfers and walking to further bus stops have made it more challenging.

"If I am carrying two children or one child, it's a really big inconvenience," Sullivan said.

The changes went into effect with the Red Line and are part of IndyGo's larger plan to move to a grid-based system. IndyGo's Lesley Gordon said the plan will help increase efficiency for riders. Most of the additional route changes will take effect in June.

"It will make transfers a lot easier and we will have a lot more frequent services as we switch to that grid system," Gordon said. "It will allow for a lot more cross-town routes, so you won't have to go Downtown to go back north and it will shorten trip times."

Changes are coming to IndyGo routes in June 2020.

Sullivan said she supports updates to the system, but she hopes consistency is also improved.

"They really need to look at tightening up timing if they are going to have transfers," she said. "IndyGo is not really running with the precision that is necessary for that grid system right now."

Click here for more information about IndyGo's changes coming in June.

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