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Indy's big snowstorm keeps towing companies busy

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Posted at 4:50 PM, Feb 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-16 18:27:35-05

INDIANAPOLIS — It has been a busy day for towing companies out on the streets. WRTV followed along Interstate Delaware & South Towing on Tuesday, who have been working around the clock.

“It’s getting busier today because more traffic is out,” Matthew Bartlett, Interstate Delaware and South operations manager, said.

Monday’s major snowstorm has passed and cars are back out on the roads. But it’s the road conditions that have still yet to improve.

“People just don’t slow down, cars not being in real good condition,” Bartlett said. “A lot of the tires: when we tow them, their tires are bad to begin with, let alone being out in the snow and slush.”

Everything from slide-offs, spins outs, to traffic collisions, Bartlett responded to dispatch calls all across the city.

“They don’t pay attention to the lines and they don’t have the cars cleaned off,” he said. “They come up on emergency vehicles and slam the brakes or try to dodge over last minute and end up losing control and spinning out and hitting each other.”

Barlett said speed is the biggest factor in crashes involving weather. The bridge decks can also be one the most dangerous spots during snow, where it changes from concrete to pavement — as well as the ramps. This makes preparation that much more important before you hit the roads.

“Taking the time to clean your car off, have good windshield wipers,” Bartlett said. “Believe it or not the one thing not talked enough about is making sure your lights work. A lot of times you see cars with no headlights or one headlight or the snow not even cleaned off the headlights or just off the windows, but they can’t see anything in the dark. And definitely tires. We can’t even say anything about tires enough.”


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