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Interview: Mayor Hogsett talks community policing, mask policy and rent assistance

Posted at 1:18 PM, Jul 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-16 13:20:12-04

INDIANAPOLIS — When it comes to building relationships with the community, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett says he will boost efforts to place more police officers in neighborhoods.

Community policing was cut more than a decade ago due to the recession and lack of officers. Mayor Hogsett says the city is expanding from 78 to 106 community policing areas.

Mayor Hogsett sat down to talk with RTV6's Rafael Sanchez about just some of his plans he says will build better relationships with Indianapolis communities.

Mayor Hogsett: "When we had zone policy model an officer on a shift was charged with patrolling in some cases 12 to 15 Square miles, In a beat-oriented system that officer is now responsible for a square mile to a mile and a half square which means more times to perform their duties. They will have time to interact with the public, which I think has the added benefit of increasing community trust because they will get to know their officers better, the officers will get to know the neighborhoods better. I hope it will increase the overall trust between law enforcement and the community."

Rafael: "Mr. Mayor, the FOP, the Indy FOP endorsed you for a second term, but in recent weeks, they have been critical of how you've handled the downtown protests. What do you say to them? Their hashtag is where are the elected leaders? Your response to the INDY FOP?"

Hogsett: "One, I don't take it personally. Number two, I am thoughtful about their criticism and try to incorporate that in my decision making. We don't always agree on everything. Some disagreement is inevitable. They are representing their members as best as they can, I realize --the criticism themselves whether police action shootings, several nights of downtown violence, general overall violence in certain areas of the city--those are a valuable perspective for them to offer me and as we collectively going to address them."

Rafael: "Soon the words Black Lives Matter will be emblazoned outside the Madame CJ Walker Theatre. What will that mean?"

Hogsett: "Unless we acknowledge that 'Black Lives Matters' then our call that 'All Live Matters' rings hollow."

Watch more of the in-depth interview with Mayor Hogsett here:

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