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Investigations underway at Marion County Jail after two inmates killed in separate incidents

They happened one week apart
Marion Co. Jail
Posted at 9:36 PM, Oct 19, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — An investigation is underway at the Marion County Jail after an inmate was stabbed and killed. It happened over the weekend. This is now the second deadly inmate-on-inmate assaultsince October 10th .

“Things have gotten really bad,” said the mother of a Marion County inmate. She asked not to be identified, fearing for her son’s safety. She shared what her son claims is going on inside the jail.

“Cell doors aren't being checked. Routine checks are not being made by the guards, rounds are not being made by the guards to ensure safety,” said the woman.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office declined an interview saying there is still an active investigation underway for both inmate deaths.

A spokesperson for MCSO sent a statement saying,”Sheriff Forestal reports these deaths are still active investigations. Though it is a fact that sheriff’s deputies and detention deputies are underpaid, overworked and the MCSO is understaffed, we have not concluded that this is the cause for either of the deaths at this time. The occupants in the Jails experience many of the same stressors that those of us on the outside are experiencing, including COVID-19 and the difficulties of the economy. Add to that the fact that inmates are housed with a population that has been separated because of the crimes for which they have been charged, or are serving time.”

The MCSO also released information about both investigations. The first inmate death happened October 10th. An inmate accused of child molestation is said to have been assaulted by another inmate. He was taken to the hospital and later died. It is unclear where in the jail the assault took place.

The second death happened October 17th. Officials say a man being held on intimidation charges was stabbed to death by another inmate with an improvised weapon.

A spokesperson for the department says he had been using racially charged language toward fellow inmates and had been assigned a single cell.

“Anyone that has a loved one in there has to be feeling the same way. You just don't know what to do. You don't know how to help them or how to get this fixed,” said the mother.