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Issues persist for tenants living at southwest side apartment complex

Posted at 12:52 AM, Jul 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-09 08:58:18-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Problems continue at the Arborwood apartment complex, located on Mann Road on Indy's southwest side. People who live there say the air conditioning has been fixed for some tenants, but they also say that's just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, there are many more issues that need to be addressed. Janice McCune is dealing with some of them.

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"It's just so nasty. I can't take it anymore."

Since last Fall, McCune says she's been dealing with water backing up into her apartment. She says it's full of raw sewage with some of it getting left behind. The water goes throughout her apartment.

"I have to keep candles lit. Otherwise, it's a smell that will make you sick. I've taken my kids to the doctor. Now, I have to go to the doctor. As much as we pay, I shouldn't have to live this way," she said. Other water issues in her building, like water pouring down from the ceiling, has led to mold in her apartment.

"I keep the mold clean....scrubbing the window sills, the walls, my bathroom. Raw sewage comes out of the cracks of the walls."

McCune, like many residents, say the office doesn't respond to her maintenance requests and right now, she's at a loss on what to do. Despite having rent, she says the office declined to take the money and is now evicting her because they can't renovate the apartment with her living in it.

"When you got four kids, it's not easy. You're a single parent. You can't get up and move."

If you're in a situation like this, Indiana law does offer tenants some protections. Landlords are required to comply with all building and health codes, providing a safe and clean dwelling. If that standard is not met, you can put your rent money toward repairs if they haven't been made in a reasonable amount of time. You also have the right to terminate your lease if the unit is uninhabitable. However, you should contact an attorney to make sure your bases are covered. Indiana Legal Services is a free resource that can help.

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Many people aren't aware of these rights until they find themselves in bad situations. This is why McCune is sharing her story to prevent someone else from going through this.

"I would not recommend anybody at all to rent from these people. Tell them to read the reviews before they ever do it," she said.

Health departments across central Indiana urge you to let them know about apartments that have issues. Many Arborwood residents have done that. The property owner, Herman and Kittle, still hasn't responded to our quesetions. However, residents told WRTV a new person is overseeing the complex and they're trying to get everything back in order, working on the backlog of problems.

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