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'It’s very aggravating': Hoosiers struggle to receive unemployment benefits

Posted at 4:08 PM, Jan 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-27 19:10:18-05

GREENFIELD — Vicky Robling has relied on unemployment benefits since she was let go from her job as a tool assembler last January at Black and Decker.

“I’ve lost a lot of stuff,” Robling said. “You sell what you can to get what you can get.”

She noticed she wasn’t making very much money and spoke to a former co-worker about it.

“She said check on your benefits page,” Robling said. “Because she said a lot of people’s have been messing up. That’s what I did and I was shocked!”

It appears her former employer had made a mistake. Paperwork was missing for the second quarter, so she was not paid at all during that time frame.

“The first quarter was for $7,000 and it was for January, February, and March. And then the second quarter is zero that should’ve been April, May, and June,” Robling said.

The HR department apologized and rectified the situation, getting the correct information to the state. Yet, Robling has still not been paid her benefits after working on this since June, and despite, she says, sending in all her pay stubs on several occasions.

“I have sent all this information to them at least four times,” she said.

Now, getting frustrated, she asked, “Is anybody working on it? Do you need any information or what?” to the department of workforce development.

“She says 'Oh no we are working on it,'" Robling said. "And an hour later, they sent me an email, needing all the information again.”

“It’s very aggravating,” she said. “Because you know you’ve got all the paperwork. Everything shows that it’s missing, it’s not my fault, so why aren’t you fixing it right then? When you get that paperwork in your hand, fix it!”

She hopes this issue gets resolved, quickly.

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