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Judge grants temporary restraining order on I-70 mobile home park that was forcing people from homes

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Posted at 1:41 PM, Oct 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-10 23:27:31-04

INDIANAPOLIS — A Marion County judge has granted a temporary restraining order request from the Attorney General's office against an I-70 Mobile Home park that was trying to force residents from their homes.

The restraining order will keep residents living at the I-70 Mobile Home park from being forced out of the mobile home park before a hearing that is scheduled for October 18.

The owners of the mobile home park, Blue Lakes Inc., told residents they had to either move their mobile homes from the property or they would be demolished on Oct. 15. Residents called RTV6 looking for help after being left with a list of questions and few answers on why they had to leave the property the residents themselves owned.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill filed a lawsuit this week, accusing the company of deceptive consumer sales, knowingly violating the consumer sales act, not obtaining permits to sell mobile homes in Marion County and exploiting senior citizens who paid for mobile homes they never received titles to, as required by Indiana law.

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Blue Lakes Inc. have also been ordered not to cut off utilities to the residents currently living in the mobile home park.

RTV6 first reported on the situation at the I-70 Mobile Home Park back in August after residents said they were suddenly told they had 60 days to find a new place to live.

Bobbie Radcliff has lived in the I-70 Mobile Home Park for the past eight years and she says some of her neighbors met with Deputy Attorney General Tamara Weaver to talk about the roller-coaster situation they've been dealing with since all of this started.

"It's upsetting and stressful, epsecially when you have kids," Radcliff said. "It gives me some relief, but I'm still stressed."

Radcliff says she's glad their voices are being heard and someone is stepping in to help them.

"I know the Attorney General was saying something like she was going to push for them to be able to pay us for our trailers, plus if we added on to our trailers, pay for that too," Radcliff said.

The lawsuit filed by Hill's office is asking the court to stop Blue Lake from selling mobile homes, pay restitution to customers and to compensate the Attorney General's Office for its time and expenses plus civil penalties.

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