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Kokomo residents want solution for flooding problems

Posted at 8:10 PM, Jun 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-03 20:10:57-04

KOKOMO — Two viewers in different Kokomo neighborhoods are suffering from flooding problems after the recent rain.

Neighbors along West Madison Street on the city's west side and residents along Zartman Road are no strangers to flooding.

"It's like the water stands for days on end, and then the kids want to come out and we can't let them," Corey Haus, who lives on Zartman Road, said.

Neither street has a storm water drain.

"I believe there should be one here," Nova Goddard said. "There's not one down the street and there's flooding right there all the time. It comes out to about right there and then just seeps over in the foundation. Goes in our bedroom and our downstairs."

Kokomo deputy mayor David Tharp said the city hopes to get to work soon in the next few weeks on a storm water drain on Madison Street.

"We actually contracted that project out," Tharp said. "Contractors have not been able to start on that work yet, though, because of the heavy amounts of rain we've experienced."

Those on Zartman aren't so lucky. Tharp said the flooding problem there is caused by a damaged drain in the farm field behind their homes, and it is not on city property.

"The situation over on Zartman Road is actually a dispute between two property owners," Tharp said. "So, they need to work that out with a private owner of that farm field."

Unfortunately, that's not what these neighbors were hoping to hear, and they wish the city could step in to help.

"We are literally standing in water," Haus said.