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Landscaping company dealing with multiple stolen catalytic converters

Posted at 7:39 PM, Jan 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-03 19:39:09-05

INDIANAPOLIS — The sound of a missing catalytic converter is one the operators of Cutterz Lawn and Landscape know all too well.

Three times in the past year, people have stolen the part off their trucks — two of which received new catalytic converters Friday.

"We came in ready for work, just like normal, and one of our guys fired up the truck and and it was God-awful loud," manager Seth Coning said.

Coning said the thieves knew what they were doing as it only took minutes for them to slide under the truck and saw off the catalytic converter. Surveillance video shows them on the property for about 13 minutes. It's a quick crime and one that's happening to others in the area, too.

Employees at local auto shops said thieves target the part for the platinum inside, which is typically worth a couple hundred dollars. The cost to replace a catalytic converter can be much higher than that.

The managers at Cutterz said they spent about $3,000, and had to close the business for a day while repairs were made.

"The biggest thing is why there's not enough money in them to pay your rent, to do anything. We are just a small company. Why?" Coning said.

A state law requires people trying to sell catalytic converters to show proof of ownership, but that hasn't stopped thieves. Coning said his business has done everything it can to protect their vehicles. They added a new security system, cameras and additional lighting on the lot.

"That's been the hardest thing," Coning said. "We see it, we look at the cameras and all it does is frustrate us because we can see it happen and we haven't figured out a way and haven't been able to stop it."

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