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Lee Road construction frustrating Indianapolis drivers

Posted at 10:42 PM, Aug 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-02 22:42:30-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Lee Road is closed from Fall Creek to Trilobi Drive as the Indianapolis Department of Public Works crews works to replace a culvert. Drivers say they're frustrated because they thought the closure would only last a few weeks, but now the road will not open up until the end of August.

On July 22 DPW closed Lee Road and started work to replace a culvert. Randall Dodge lives in the area, and he's enjoying getting to walk a long roads that are typically busy but wants the construction to wrap up soon.

"It's certainly causing a little bit of an inconvenience as we have to plan to get around it each day," Dodge said. "Traffic is congested now that school has started back up again — it's really crowded up on 63rd Street and Sunnyside."

"With all the schools being in session, you have parents trying to pick kids up; you have a bus trying to leave, you have commuters coming back from work getting to the suburbs," Andy Van Treese, a northeast side driver, said. "People are getting a little crazy."

After seeing information about the closure on the City of Lawrence's website, Treese was under the impression the project would only take a few weeks. The Mayor of Lawrence, Steve Collier, says that is the estimated time they receive.

However, DPW says the project is on time, and a spokeswoman says they called Lawrence on Friday to update their information. But drivers still have questions. For instance, why aren't construction crews out working?

"For whatever reason, there is no one here. They removed at the culvert and the bridge," Treese said. "I know infrastructure is important but come on we need to get this done."

DPW says it takes time to prepare the area which includes redirecting creek water around the site, which must be dry so construction can continue.

After the project is completed, the CIty of Lawrence plans to repave Lee Road from Fall Creek to 59th Street.

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