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Local business moves to City Market

Maxine's Chicken and Waffles opened this week
Maxines chicken and waffles
Posted at 4:48 PM, Mar 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-18 21:12:33-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Two new businesses recently moved into Indianapolis' City Market.

“We were going to look to move to another stand alone building, but with COVID-19 we had decided to downsize,” said Austin Bonds, manager of Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles.

Bonds said City Market was the perfect place to do that, so they relocated from their prior location on East Street.

“A lot of people are moving away from going to dine-in places, so sometimes rent can get expensive and things like that, like having an entire dining room and then the third parties like GrubHub and Uber Eats," Bonds explained. "A lot of people they like the convenience of getting their food at home and they still like eating Maxine’s, they just don’t like always going to the restaurant."

Their new space at City Market will allow them to keep serving their family recipes to the community, but they’re doing it in a new way they hope will get additional customer foot traffic.

City Market is expecting a lot of that in the coming weeks due to the NCAA Tournament. The tournament is also bringing in new catering customers.

“It’s been very helpful this week. We’ve got catering orders for like eight different schools right now,” Bonds said.

The new director of City Market said she hopes the tournament not only helps current merchants, but also helps attract new ones.

"We are going to look towards the future. We are going to be hopeful that we can get some diverse businesses in here,” added Keisha Gray, executive director of City Market.

City Wok is the other business that recently reopened at City Market.

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