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Hoosiers say they're having a hard time getting the medication they need due to pharmacy delays

The reason for the delay is unknown.
Posted at 8:51 PM, Sep 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-22 11:30:22-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Several people across central Indiana are reporting delays at their local pharmacies.

Families tell WRTV they're having a hard time getting the medication they need.

"That is kind of one of those things you take for granted that yeah, you're always going to be able to get your medicine, and now that you can't...what do you do about it?" asked Craig Baker of Indianapolis.

Baker said his son's prescription is supposed to be automatically refilled on the 15th of each month, but this month, it wasn't ready until days later. He posted on the Nextdoor neighborhood website describing the delays and asking for pharmacy recommendations. The post received more than 100 replies. Several others also posted that they too are having a hard time getting their prescriptions filled due to reduced hours at pharmacies and delays.

"There really hasn't been much of an issue up until maybe the last few months or so," explained Amber Adams, also of Indianapolis.

Adams said her husband wound up in the hospital while he was waiting for an urgent prescription.

"He needed an antibiotic for a very infection," Adams said. "He went as soon as he left the hospital, he went and dropped off his prescription to try to get it filled. They didn't call him to let him pick it up. It wasn't ready to be picked up for almost 36 hours afterward. As a result, his infection got much worse very quickly."

Both Adams and Baker say this issue isn't limited to one specific pharmacy or one specific retailer.

"We've actually tried a couple of other locations nearby. We're still experiencing very similar issues at other locations, but it seems to be fairly widespread," Adams said.

But, the reasons why are still unclear. Both CVS and Walgreens declined interviews with WRTV.

"We don't know what to do," Baker said. "Do we try to find a new pharmacy? Which one do you go to that's not slammed busy? One that's not hundreds of prescriptions behind?"

"It is a very serious issue. People need medications when they need them, not two weeks later," Adams added.

Thankfully, both Baker and Adams ended up finding other pharmacies that were able to fill their prescriptions, but they hope this issue and the delays are resolved soon so others don't have to experience the same thing.

Walgreens sent the following statement in response to the prescription delays:

“We have thousands of store locations in many cities across the country and overall have had minimal disruption. Walgreens pharmacists have long been trusted health experts in America’s communities. On the occasion a pharmacist is unable to meet his or her shift, our clinical and safety teams work closely with our field and store leadership to limit pharmacy disruption as quickly as possible. This may require temporary adjustments to the pharmacy operating hours, at which time customers and patients are guided to visit a nearby store location for their prescription needs.
To help ensure continuity of patient care and access to prescriptions for customers whose local Walgreens store may have temporarily adjusted hours, our store teams work to direct them as appropriate to the nearest Walgreens for their prescription needs, care and support. Additionally, customers who have questions about their medications can also talk to a Walgreens pharmacist using the Pharmacist Video Chat feature available 24/7 on Walgreens mobile app and website. The latest store status information is updated continuously throughout the day and available via our store locator on and Walgreens mobile app. On the occasion a store has a temporary delayed opening or closes early, it is reflected on the store locator.
We are grateful for the responsibilities our pharmacists are fulfilling since the beginning of the pandemic, whether its administering life-saving vaccines, or helping patients keep up with prescriptions and health screenings.”