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Local stores prepare early for holiday shopping amid supply chain shortages

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Posted at 5:22 PM, Oct 20, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS — The Better Business Bureau is warning holiday shopping is at risk. Online purchase scams are up, now accounting for more than a third of all scam reports, as more people have turned to online buying during the pandemic; perhaps making shopping locally the safest route.

From ornaments to all things holiday decor, Silver in the City has officially launched its holiday collection.

“They’ve got it covered,” said shopper Michelle Gassyt. “Whether it’s a scarf or a mitt or glasses or earrings.”

“We heard a lot from our vendors that we buy from to expect probably some shipping delays or supply chain shortages so we got our holiday shopping done early,” said Kristin Kohn, owner of Silver in the City.

Kohn said their vendors encouraged them to heavily stock up on items now because they might not be able to re-order more in December. Especially since they also carry many local artists and makers' work, who might also be impacted by the supply chain shortages.

“With shipping delays, they may not be able to get those materials before the end of the year,” Kohn said.

“I have the boys out of state and out of the country,” said Gassyt. “And thinking about shipping and family.”

Gassyt has also been watching the news on the supply chain shortages and explained why it’s even more of a reason to shop local now.

“This is easy for me,” she said. “I’m the sock mom. I’m the piece of jewelry mom. I’m the puzzle mom, notebook mom. And this is just more personal.”

Kohn notes that every time you do shop locally, your money stays in your local economy.

“They are a community member with you and your support is felt very deeply by them,” Kohn added.

Silver in the City has extended their holiday return policy so any purchases you make can be exchanged or returned by the end of January. They’ve also created incentives for people to shop early, where for every $100 you spend, you’ll get a $10 coupon to come back and spend next year.