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Local trucking company working to keep up with supply chain disruptions

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Posted at 4:18 PM, Nov 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-19 19:00:56-05

GREENWOOD — A national trucking company with local facilities here in central Indiana is working to keep up with supply chain disruptions. Estes Express Lines has five facilities in Indiana.

In Greenwood, trucks are coming in and out of the facility at all hours of the day, working extra hours and shifts to meet the increased demand.

“Our folks are giving extra hours, extra days, working extra days, you name it they’re stepping up,” said Robert Hefner, Estes Express Lines terminal manager. “I think there’s been more demand on us from a supply chain standpoint. The e-commerce business has really taken off, therefore our business has taken off.”

“We’ve seen a tremendous influx in business, particularly pandemic and post-pandemic and certainly as we’re leading up to the holidays this year,” said Greg Richardson, Estes Express Lines Vice President of Human Resources.

The largest privately held carrier in the nation, hauling all sorts of goods, Estes services many online or e-commerce businesses and have even had to recently expand here in Indiana. Picking up and delivering nearly 20 million pounds of weight each day, reaching people all across the state, they’ve added a second location in Central Indiana.

“Here in Greenwood, we have a 124-door facility," said Hefner. “We service the Indianapolis metro area. Recently, because of capacity and the increased business in supply chain value that we have, we expanded and exceeded capacity here in this terminal and we actually launched a spin off facility over on the west side of Indianapolis.”

“Prior to this, you and I would go shopping at Home Depot when we were looking for a lawnmower and today we just don’t do those things,” said Richardson. “And so what it’s done is created an environment where we are picking up from shipper and sending to retailer and then quite honestly we’re picking up from retailer and sending it to now to a residence.”

This puts them in the hiring market.

“Anywhere from drivers to dock workers to clerical or customer support,” said Hefner.

With 50 current job opening in Indianapolis, Estes says they’re not just looking for seasonal work, but for people to build careers there. Nationally, they’ve hired over 7,000 employees this year, 2,000 drivers. To learn more or apply, click here.