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Mail delivery issues in Fortville

Posted at 9:16 PM, May 06, 2019

FORTVILLE — People are not happy with the mail service in Fortville. They've been complaining about it for months, and the issues range from late delivery to receiving the wrong mail.

Carole Cote says that for three years the mail service in Fortville has been an issue. She is continuously receiving her neighbor's mail and not securing her own.

"I just don't know what to do. I've tried everything that I know," Cote said.

She says she has complained several times, but the situation has not sufficiently improved.

"I started getting packages and once I even got a prescription mail order prescription," Cote said. "I thought, 'this is it; this is not right at all.' A different street, a different house number."

Cote says that she complained to the mail carrier and the postmaster numerous time, but it continues to happen.

"They would come up, and I would say, 'you know this is not mine' or 'please pay more attention,'" Cote said, describing her encounters.

It has escalated to the point that at the end of last year, she filed a complaint with the postal service's consumer affairs department.

"I called back not too long after because I wanted to add some more to it. The case was closed. And I have no idea why it was closed," Cote said.

"I recently went to the post office. And the person there said, 'you know, I received people coming in every day, multiple times a day, complaining about the mail service. They keep getting other peoples mail or they don't get their mail. We just don't know what to do.'"

RTV6 reached out to the postal service, and a spokeswoman confirms a consumer affairs representative spoke with Cote and to the Fortville Postmaster. The spokeswoman says they called Cote to relay the information but did not receive a callback.

The Fortville postmaster is planning to reach back out to Cote and look into her concerns. He asks that if a customer has a problem with delivery to call him right away, so he will know who the carrier is and can address the situation immediately.

Cote hopes that by bringing he concerns to their attention once again that things will improve.

"This is ridiculous. It's a beautiful town, it's growing, it has so much to offer," Cote said. "It's being re-vamped, we are going to get a new Main Street, and yet this mail service is horrible."

The Fortville postmaster says that in situations like that of Cote, customers often wait to report their concerns. He says in that case, they don't know an exact date, which makes addressing the issue difficult.