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Man searching for answers after his missing dog was found dead in an alley day later

Posted at 11:03 PM, Dec 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-29 23:18:17-05

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man is searching for answers after he found his dog dead in an alley, one day after it went missing.

Randy Campbell says he realized his dog, Keba, was missing on Friday.

"I searched for him from 8 p.m. that night until 2 o'clock in the morning," Campbell said.

He checked animal shelters and kept looking later in the day on Saturday, but still couldn't find Keba. He also posted about it on Facebook and thousands of people shared his post.

On Saturday, he got a call from a man saying Keba was in an alley. Campbell's girlfriend went to the wrong alley at first and the man, who didn't identify himself, was watching.

"He sees her and calls her phone back and was like 'hey I think you're in the wrong alley. It's in this one over here, but I went up and looked at him and he's dead,'" Campbell said.

Campbell says his girlfriend didn't want to go check it out. He eventually went after he finished with work. Sure enough, he found Keba dead.

"He had big big chunks of meat taken out of him in the front of his arms," Campbell said. "When we took him to get cremated, she said he had been dead for hours."

Since the dog was found, Campbell says he has been getting mean and hurtful messages. He thinks the person sending him those messages is responsible for killing Keba. He's sharing his story to warn other pet owners.

"Be aware and keep an eye on them, " Campbell said. "People like this target animals."

A police report was filed regarding the incident and Campbell hopes whoever is responsible will face some sort of punishment.