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Mayor Hogsett addresses Downtown Indy violence

IMPD and Mayor puts focus on parents
Posted at 8:27 PM, Sep 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-25 20:27:29-04

INDIANAPOLIS — It's not the first time violence has erupted in Downtown Indianapolis, but after six people were shot in the heart of the city over the weekend, everyone is asking city leaders 'what's next?'

Mayor Joe Hogsett, D-Indianapolis, went door-to-door Wednesday along the 2000 Block of North Harding Street to get a pulse on what's on the minds of people who call this neighborhood home.

"I am outraged, but I choose the term saddened and deeply disappointed at the tragedy that occurred this past weekend," Mayor Hogsett said.

Over the years, there have been eruptions of youth-related violence on weekends — specifically on Saturdays in and around Circle Centre mall.

In 1999, adult volunteers patrolled the malls, but it was short-lived. What's been constant is the police presence — but they need parents in a different way.

"I would like some parental buy-in. Know what your kids are doing. Know where they are at. Ask, do they need to be down there during certain hours," Randy Taylor, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Chief, said.

The Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police has complained that the juvenile justice system is broken with officers repeating the same offenders.

The Mayor weighed in:

"Our juvenile system, in my estimation, is the need of an upgrade," Mayor Hogsett said. "I hope over the next few years, we are given the opportunity of a new juvenile justice center that will be more juvenile focused."

The Mayor added that he would like to see more people get involved in the lives of youth to change their trajectory.

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