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Mooresville man wants answers following camper mix-up

Police investigating theft of campers
Posted at 10:19 PM, Oct 05, 2020

GREENWOOD — A Mooresville man is seeking answers following a mix-up that has landed him without the camper he claims he purchased from Camping World. Brad Adams thought he'd be loading up his camper to take a trip soon, in fact that's what he says he had in mind when he bought a camper back in July.

"It is just very disappointing the whole thing,” said Adams. He purchased the camper in July and it was being repaired at Camping World, because of an accident that prompted the company to promise it would repair the damages since he claims the damage was their fault. Adams says Camping World also gave him a gift card to apologize for the inconvenience.

Adams said last Monday morning, Camping World called to let him know his camper was finished with repairs. “They called and said it is ready for me to pick up, nothing was there. They showed me where it was supposed to be,” said Adams.

Adams says Camping World showed him where his camper should have been parked but there was nothing in the spot.

"Drove around for over an hour then had more employees come out looking for it I was out there for three hours before they came to the conclusion that it was stolen,” said Adams.

Adams says a forklift driver even explained that he recalled parking the camper in a spot that would make it easy for pick up Monday. It was allegedly parked on Friday evening but by Monday it was gone. Adams says he called police to file a theft report within a few hours of Camping World confirming it was gone.

Greenwood police told WRTV this is the sixth camper theft this year—all six taken from Camping World.

Three reports have been filed by Camping World for their campers and the other three reports were filed by individuals like Adams.

"I thought it would be safe there and it wasn't. If it were at my house, I would have taken the precautions to make sure it was safe,” said Adams. "I want this taken care of because I don't know what to do,” said Adams.

Jeff Nichols is the regional manager at Camping World. He says he's spoken with Adams two or three times already since the police report was filed on Monday. Nichols didn't want to do an on-camera interview, but he explained to WRTV that someone drove through a fence over the weekend. A

According to Nichols, there were two campers taken, one belonging to Adams and a camper belonging to Camping World. Nichols explains their desire is to get the issue resolved for Adams . They've contacted their insurance company and Adams contacted his. Nichols did not say when or how they plan on resolving the issue.