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More Than Just A Drill: Active shooter training for Johnson County officials at Franklin College

Posted at 11:05 AM, Jul 20, 2021

JOHNSON CO. — The threat of an active shooter is no longer seen as something that happens just on the east or west coasts.

The fatal incident at the FedEx facility in Indianapolis reminded us of the unfortunate reality that for first responders it is a matter of being prepared for the when — not the if.

In the video above, you can watch the training event Johnson County first responders were called to inside Old Main on the Franklin College campus.

The fake gunman was found, and the scenario would provide endless real-life lessons.

This simulation included volunteers who played the role of those hurt, shocked, and in need of medical care.

It was all to test each department's practices from determining and delivering first aid to searching and securing a building.

This was the first time all of these Johnson County public safety agencies trained side by side in a long time.

This matters considering our country has seen more than 16 mass shootings in small towns and big cities since January 1.

In Indianapolis alone, eight people were killed at the FedEx facility on April 15th. Four people were gunned down on March 13. And on January 24, five people, including a pregnant woman, were shot and killed inside their home.

Following the exercise, there was a group discussion about how to improve communications between the different agencies, which is key because during a real 911 there is no time for training.

At the Indiana Law Enforcement and Training Academy in Plainfield, recruits undergo a day-long course on this issue, before undergoing hands-on training.

Recruits learn that in an active shooter situation that danger is imminent, and these situations will last 5 to 10 minutes. Responders need to quickly have a team or teams to respond with the right equipment from helmets to rifles. The bottom line is to neutralize the threat.