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Mother frustrated she has to go alone to newborn's appointments

Posted at 8:32 AM, Jul 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-16 12:39:38-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Because of COVID-19 restrictions, many expecting mothers have to go to all of their doctor's appointments alone—and are only able to have one person there for the delivery. And mothers like Chelsea Davis-Granberry want to see those restrictions eased.

"I struggle with anxiety, so I was very anxious from the beginning, especially mid through my pregnancy, I had to do the appointments and everything alone," said Davis-Granberry.

She gave birth nearly a month ago to her third child, Navy June Granberry. She said that during her pregnancy, her experience going to appointments was ok.

"The hospitals did try to make it very normal for us not a lot of talk about COVID or what's going on. The only abnormal part was everybody had to wear a mask," said Davis-Granberry.

When Navy was born, doctors diagnosed her with down syndrome.

"They can detect down syndrome through an ultrasound, but they had no indication on her ultrasound that she had down syndrome, so it was 100% a birth diagnosis," said Davis Granberry.


She said now she's grateful they found out at birth because that meant her husband was there to support her.

"I'm very emotional, so had I found out at my appointments without him there, or without anybody there, I don't know that I would have been able to handle that," she said.

Now that Navy is home, Granberry said her frustration is growing because her husband isn't able to come to her occupational and physical therapy appointments.

"They're actually working with her at such young age telling us exercises and things to do because she does have down syndrome and when I'm taking all of that in by myself plus all the other information. One it's hard to remember and two it's just very emotional," said Davis-Granberry.

She told me she agrees the hospitals need to keep people safe, but she's hoping the restrictions will ease soon so her husband can go to the appointments too.

"We can go out to eat, we can have parties, we can invite people into our homes, but he can't come to our appointments together, and it makes me sad."

I did reach out to the hospital that Navy has her appointments at Ascension St. Vincent, and they say they are following CDC guidelines and recommendations. They do offer an iPad for a second parent or guardian to participate virtually.

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