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Mother wants change at Warren Central after student chases son with knife

Fighting among students a local, national issue with kids back in school
Posted at 9:11 AM, Nov 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-11 09:11:54-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Locally and nationwide, school districts are grappling with what they say is an increase in students fighting.

The pandemic, which kept kids out of school for more than year, is being blamed up for this uptick. Many of the fights end up on social media, causing concern for parents who see them. LaTasha Harmon is one of those parents.

Her son goes to Warren Central High School and was recently recorded in an altercation after which he told her he feared for his life.

"My son called me. He was enraged about some boy chasing him with a knife. When I saw the video myself, I'm trying to figure out why it took staff that long to come when kids were running in fear of their life," Harmon said.

A spokesperson for MSD of Warren Township told WRTV the student seen in the video had box cutter. School staff were able to take it away before anyone was hurt. However, this situation has Harmon asking a bigger question.

"If that baby can get in that school with that knife, what else could he get into school with? What else could any of them get into school with?" she asked.

Harmon wants the school to place metal detectors at every entrance to prevent any weapons from getting into the school. She also said making kids have clear backpacks would help school safety as well, and she wants the district to do something to live up to the promise they made at the beginning of the year.

"When orientation started, when I came there, you ensured the safety of every last child in that school," Harmon said. "If nothing happens about this, here soon, one of our kids will be hurt or not alive."

The MSD of Warren Township spokesperson told WRTV school officials are aware of the safety concerns. They want to assure parents they're doing everything they can to keep students safe.

We asked if having metal detectors at every entrance would be a possibility. We have not heard back on that yet.

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