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Mothers of murder victims gather to catch the attention of detectives

Look at faces, not numbers, they say
Posted at 9:05 PM, Jan 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-04 21:06:02-05

INDIANAPOLIS — A group of mothers of murder victims gathered downtown on Monday to get detectives to focus on faces, not numbers.

“We all have children that were murdered. Unfortunately I just met them through losing our kids,” said Melissa Jude.

A club none of the members ever wanted to join, but an alliance nonetheless of parents. On Monday, they got together outside of the City County Building in Indianapolis for a peaceful protest.

“We let them know we are not out here to cause trouble. We want to help them. We are not here to beat up on them. We are here to talk to them to help them solve our cases,” said Jude.

They want homicide detectives to take notice. “These people are kids, our relatives, not just numbers,” said Jude.

There were at least 245 confirmed homicides in 2020 and this mother says her son, Chandler Bussey, who was killed in June 2020 is more than just murder #95 of the year.

“We just want them to hear us our voices trying to grieve and fight for justice,” said Jude.

They are hoping that more detectives will come outside, look at their posters and hear what they have to say. They say they'll do what it takes to keep their kid’s cases from going cold.

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