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Neighbors concerned about water leak on Indianapolis southwest side

Posted at 5:45 PM, Oct 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-29 19:41:16-04

INDIANAPOLIS — For months, neighbors on one road on the southwest side of Indianapolis have been trying to get their utility company to fix a water leak.

The water leak on South Belmont Avenue has some neighbors concerned a sinkhole may form in the area.

"Around Aug. 4, I was taking my daughter to school, like I do every morning, and I looked down and noticed this hole was just leaking water out of the ground from nowhere," Samantha Newkirk said. "What concerned me at first about it was we just had that sinkhole over on Lynnhurst that had opened up because of a similar situation and here we are yet again with this one."

Newkirk also noticed water leaking from a service line control on valve near West Minnesota Street and South Belmont Avenue, and alerted Citizens Energy to the issue.

She was also worried about the money spent on the water leak.

"With them trying to raise the rates of our water and our gas and everything around here, that's ridiculous," Newkirk said. "Because we are the people who cannot afford this. We cannot afford for them to not fix their problems so that we continue to have an increase in rate hikes."

Citizens Energy Group says they sent a crew out Tuesday to look at the leaking hydrant and plan to dig into the street to repair the service control valve leak sometime next week.

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