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Boone County Justice Center expansion breaks ground

Campus Entry View.jpg
Posted at 5:19 PM, Dec 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-12 15:51:42-05

BOONE COUNTY — Boone County commissioners celebrated the development of the new justice center Monday with Sheriff Nielson and other stakeholders.

“After many years of planning and working through this much-needed development, we are looking forward to seeing this project finally come to fruition,” commissioners said. “Despite some setbacks, we are grateful to see the project make headway. More importantly, we believe this is a critical step to move Boone County into the future.”

The entire project is expected to last 20-24 months, according to the county’s contractor.

Front Entry View.jpg
Photo of the front entry view of new Boone County Justice Center

“This was one of the most cost-effective projects we could do and I’m grateful to see it move forward,” Jeff Wolfe, Boone County Commissioner President said. “The new Justice Center will ensure our continued advancement in the overall public safety across our community.”

“The expanded Justice Center really addresses those suffering from mental health issues and addiction needs in Boone County,” Sheriff Nielsen said. “We currently do not have the space or facilities we need to make sure all our inmates are taken care of. I’m happy to see this project moving forward, and it will have long-lasting positive impacts for Boone County.”

North Campus View.jpg
Photo of the north campus view of the Boone County Justice Center

“This is a generational investment as a partnership between the Boone County Sheriff, Commissioners, and Council,” said Rob Barnes, Hagerman Group’s Director of Government Affairs and Business Development. “This justice center is truly rethinking criminal justice for the community instead of warehousing people - it values the communication of care to bring people back to becoming productive members of society.”

South Campus View.jpg
Photo of the south campus view of the Boone County Justice Center

“When I first met Sheriff Nielsen and the Commissioners, you could tell immediately that they wanted to create a facility unlike any other in the state. They were outside the box thinkers and instantly knew that I wanted to help bring their vision to reality,” said K2m Design President Scott Maloney. “Together we spent many months pouring over all the details to make this state-of-the-art facility everything the county needs to fulfill its mission for those in its care and custody, as well as the employees and providers that treat them. On behalf of the entire K2M Design team it has been an honor and a privilege working with Boone County, Sheriff’s office, Hagerman, GM Development, and Veridus Group on this transformative endeavor.”

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