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New mobile app, AllBetter, created to help domestic workers find jobs

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Posted at 7:20 PM, Sep 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-30 12:23:09-04

INDIANAPOLIS — As the pandemic continues, finding work in home repairs and anything to do with working inside people’s homes can be difficult. Many might not feel safe bringing people into their home or businesses are lacking word-of-mouth to advertise their services.

“The greatest way that allows me to be where I am today is to build a system that I can elevate other people and give them that opportunity and chance,” Tarik Khribech, founder of the mobile app, AllBetter said.

An immigrant from Morocco, Khirbech created AllBetter to help domestic workers, the majority of whom are from minority communities, compete against large corporations for work.

“They are talented enough, they’re great actually, and they’re probably better than these big giant corporations with their marketing or online digital presents," Khirbech said. “So I realize there’s untapped potential for millions of people out there that are just like me when I came to this country trying to achieve the American dream.”

The app connects homeowners and the contractors they hire for anything like cleaning, handyman work, moving, landscaping, electricians, plumbers and more. It lets the homeowner set the time and price they’re willing to pay for the work and sets up a private messaging portal between them without displaying phone numbers to connect them for the job.

“We’re giving people all the tools resources that they possibly can to grow and build their digital presence without breaking the banks and without even any initial cost,” Khirbech added.

“Being able to connect me with those customers especially from not being from this state is amazing,” said Kris Stephen, owner of Moving Made Easy. “We do an array of different things for moving, hauling, cleaning, packing.”

Stephen said that finding new leads can be difficult: Not being from Indiana and the pandemic hindering word-of-mouth advertisement.

“Downloading the app definitely helped like I said," Stephen said. "Being able to connect to those people and build that real connection and ultimately make the money possible to provide for not only my employees but my family, as well."

“I’ve been in that spot,” Khirbech said. “I was an immigrant. I came here. What better way to do that than just look back and see what people you can pull out from those underserved communities?”

In just the last 18 months, the app has served nearly 15,000 people. 300 of those are right here in Indiana. You can download the app “AllBetter” in the App Store on your smartphone devices.


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