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New Noblesville parking ordinance will take effect Tuesday

Posted at 7:28 PM, Jan 18, 2020

NOBLESVILLE — Drivers should prepare for changes next week when it comes to parking in Downtown Noblesville.

A new ordinance will take effect Tuesday. Downtown parking will be separated into three locations: paid parking lots, free on-street spaces and two consecutive hours of free parking per day.

The two-hour spots are around the downtown square and one block away in each direction. Parking in the free two-hour spots is for two consecutive hours per day, not per space.

Twenty-minute parking spaces have also been added on Logan, Conner and Ninth Streets. Staying over your time will put you at risk of receiving a $20 ticket.

First-time offenders will get a warning and information on the new parking rules.

Drivers said it's tough to find spots downtown and changes are needed.

"It's terrible," Eugene Clark said. "You can't park but for two hours. A lot of times you can't find a spot. They say go to paid parking, well, you can't find a spot in paid parking."

New parking kiosks that replace outdated meters have also been added.

The new parking strategy allows for a one-year pilot in order to study the impact of the changes.

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