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New potholes developing on Indianapolis roads

Drivers being asked to report them to DPW
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Posted at 5:54 PM, Feb 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-23 19:43:31-05

INDIANAPOLIS - Drivers in central Indiana are being advised to watch for potholes as the weather changes and reports of new ones continue to come in.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works has received more than 800 pothole complaints so far this month and that number could climb after that winter weather we got last week.

“If you don't look you're pretty much going to a chuckhole right now,” said Sibeko Jywanza, an Indianapolis driver. “I haven't seen as many as I normally see after the winter time, but I can tell that probably some are developing here."

Right now there are hundreds of potholes that have been Jywanza said he’s hit them before and repairs on his car were time consuming and costly.

“I’ve had a couple of flat tires and had to pull over and change the tire… You don't plan for that when you start your day so its very frustrating,” Jywanza said.

Leaders with DPW tell WRTV they are confident they have the budget and ability to fill the potholes, but they need your help learning where they are.

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“Our crews are not out there just driving around looking for potholes to fill," said Hannah Scott-Carter, Public Information Officer for the Indianapolis Department of Public Works. "We make our plans and where we send our crews based on the information that we get from residents and people out on the roads on where people potholes are, so if you want a pothole fixed please put in the request."

You can do that by calling the Mayor’s Action center at 317-327-4622 or by filling out a request online.

“The ones that I've seen that people have reported they get filled pretty quickly, but you know it probably takes a couple of people going through those holes in order for that to happen,” said Jywanza.

According to the city of Indianapolis' website, 40% of pothole reports are closed in three days or less.

Drivers say tending to potholes quickly is important, especially here in Indianapolis.

“In this city cars are necessary. Transit is getting better, but at the moment a lot of people rely on cars so we need to protect those as much as possible,” said Jywanza.

If your car is damaged from a pothole you can learn more about filing a claim with the city here.


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