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Non-profit helps people find and maintain housing

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Posted at 5:28 PM, Nov 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-24 18:48:44-05

INDIANAPOLIS — A local woman is trying to help people find safe, affordable housing. She says she’s trying to prevent homelessness by providing hope.

Chennelle Martin has worked in the housing industry for 10 years for companies like the Gene B. Glick Foundation and the Indianapolis Housing Agency, and she saw the need for help with housing even before COVID. Now, she says, the need is even greater.

“Everybody’s looking for housing, everybody’s looking for a legit landlord,” Martin, 317 Housing Solutions program director, said.

Without the right tools, Martin says, people can find themselves in bad living situations.

“I didn’t realize how confused a lot of residents were and how much knowledge they were lacking,” said Martin. “Even just giving them what we call a housing plan really helps them to guide them to where they need to look, where they need to stay away from.”

That’s why she founded the program 317 Housing Solutions to help people find safe, affordable housing.

“From being someone who typically had things together and then having a hard patch and not being able to find housing myself, and seeing how difficult it was, I didn’t have help,” she said. “I had to really start from the bottom myself. So once COVID hit I saw the need just drive up and eviction rate drive up so it just kind of made me feel like since I have the knowledge, why not share it.”

Since launching the program only a year ago, she’s already helped more than 100 people. Amanda Moore is one of them.

“This was just amazing because it was a blessing and it just came out of nowhere and I was very grateful for her help,” said Moore.

With Martin’s training in fair housing, income qualifying and background qualifying, she helped Moore with budgeting, fixing her credit score and finding a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom home for her and her four children. When Moore was finally approved, she said, “I was jumping and shouting and saying thank you because I couldn’t believe it. I was just shocked that it was finally happening for us.”

She wants to let people know help is available.

“I just want to say I’m grateful and I thank her for her services and to just keep going and do not give up,” said Moore.

317 Housing Solutions can help with just about any need someone might have with housing. This includes helping maintain their lease if they have issues with their landlord. Prices range from no fee up to a $65, one time fee.

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