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'Nothing bad comes out of hard work': Local teenager starts his own clothing line

He says he was inspired by his mother turning her passion into a business
victory don
Posted at 3:19 PM, Mar 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-12 19:20:55-05

INDIANAPOLIS — A local teenager is turning his passion for fashion into a business.

Charles Jimpson, a 17-year-old North Central High School student, created a clothing line called “Victory Don.”

“I have always been into fashion, clothing and the different trends,” Jimpson said.

Now he has created a business selling clothes with a message.

“Victory Don is basically fighting for what you believe in," Jimpson said. "I feel like everybody has a purpose in this lifetime and everybody should fulfill their life."

He said it is a lesson he learned from his mother.

“I got a lot of inspiration to keep going from my mom," Jimpson said. "I see her have restless nights doing what she does and just seeing that, I know that I can do it."

His mother turned her passion for baking into a business. Now she is excited to see her son do something similar.

“He is determined. He is driven. His mind is always going,” his mother, Jamila Jones said.

She said it hasn’t always been easy, but she knows her son has the drive and determination to succeed.

“He did the research to find out what he needed and how much it was going to cost, saved the money to get it, worked to get it, so I think when he has put so much into it and it is something that he has built and he has paid for, then he is really going to put in that hard work to make it go far,” Jones said.

Jimpson says after graduating high school he hopes to learn more about graphic design to keep working on his clothing line. He’s hoping the design on the clothes keep sending a message to others.

“Nothing bad comes out of hard work,” Jimpson said.

You can see more of the Victory Don collection here.

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