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Online hair growth company grows, opens in-person pick-up store due to high demand

Ms Nikki's Butter expands after appearing on WRTV
Ms. Nikki's Butter
Posted at 11:06 PM, May 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-03 23:33:31-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Nakilah Majors will be the first to tell you, her now successful business was started by accident during the pandemic. It happened when she found a bald spot in her hair and wanted to come up with her own solution.

"I had the time, so I played with some ingredients started with Aloe and making aloe butter and just grew from there, and then I looked up one day and the spot had grew in and I had a product on my hands," Majors said.

Less than a year ago Major's launched Ms. Nikki's Butters, a skin and hair care line she makes from scratch and by hand. Until recently she was running her business from her kitchen table. But that changed after WRTV first introduced you to Majors in January.

"It was bananas in January," Majors said. "We were coming off the first of the year and I had so many orders I just didn't even know what to do with myself at first. It was overwhelming but it was just so inspirational and helped me continue to keep going."

The explosion of new customers discovering her products like her body butter and the hair oil that she says helped grow her own hair back, have now caused Major's to outgrow her at-home production company.

The business that started online has now grown into a physical location where orders can be picked up and more products can be made. It'll be less work for Majors and her husband Stacey who have been delivering the orders themselves.

"It became really overwhelming trying to do it out of my home. If it was 100 small units then that's one thing, but people were ordering three and four products in one order and so it just became too much to do it on the dining room table," Majors said.

Majors, who is still learning how to run a business, offers this advice to entrepreneurs hoping to make their mark with their own product.

"I would say don't get discouraged," Majors said. "It is a pandemic, but people pay for what they want. And even though this is a luxury item people still want their hair to look good and their skin to be right. So, what if there's 100 million body butters out there, yours will be different when you make it different."

For now the store will be for pick ups only. Majors say permanent in-store shopping could come later. You can find out more about Ms. Nikki's Butter here.