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Opening of annual Indiana Black Expo Art Show put at risk

Posted at 10:54 PM, Jul 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 22:54:20-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Jaws dropped and hearts sank when the Indiana Black Expo feared its annual art show was in jeopardy. The company which stores the equipment needed to display the artwork reported a problem — forcing expo to scramble for a back-up.

It had been a tense 24 hours as the Expo Arts Pavilion was put in jeopardy of turning artists and people away.

Paintings, photographs, and other personal expressions will go on display at the Black Expo Cultural Arts Pavillion at the Indiana Convention Center — where such works can capture the interest and the imagination of thousands of visitors.

This was all put at risk when the company that keeps Expo's art walls in storage couldn't deliver them. Mobile walls are crucial to an art show.

With 24 hours before artists had to set-up a resolution had been received.

Prestigious Manufactured Homes told RTV6 the following:

"I've taken care of the artist walls for Black Expo the last seven years and they have been a great client, I'm out of town and my crew let me know the walls got missed shipped. I emailed Jennifer Darby with Black Expo to inform them what had happened and how sorry I am. They let me know that they will use another contractor to get the walls set up for this year's show and I will reimburse them for the charges. Thank you for your time!"

Expo is surprised the walls were not in storage in Beech Grove since they own them and never gave any one permission to rent them out

Luckily, Expo says Exhibit House saved the day by installing all of the walls at the last minute — but this will come with a fee.

In the email sent by Prestigious Manufactured Homes, however, they will reimburse Expo. The Expo says they expect the company to follow through.

"Yes we do, yes we do. He's been doing this for 7 years so this is the first time there's been a glitch," Jennifer Darby, Indiana Black Expo Vice-President of Advancement and Programs, said. "So yes, we want to hold him to his word and that he will take care of that."

RTV6 will stay on top of this.

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