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Organization volunteers to feed Indianapolis first responders

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Posted at 10:39 PM, Nov 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-16 23:33:50-05

INDIANAPOLIS — An organization was serving food to dozens of first responders Saturday in Indianapolis as a way to say thank you to those who serve.

Antonio Patton decided to hold the event after having a conversation with his wife.

"Something dropped inside of my heart and she was like 'what is it?'" Patton said. "I said 'I wanna feed all the first time responders.'"

The event was held at the Reset Center in partnership with City Life Youth for Christ.

Patton runs City Life Youth for Christ, an organization focused on mentoring at risk youth. Saturday's event was an opportunity for them to volunteer their time.

For first responders, the event served as a reminder that their work is appreciated.

"The police department is always responding in a time of crisis in people's homes and so it just gives a sense of relief that the community is there for us too," said Elia James Sanchez, the director of crime prevention for the Lawrence Police Department.

Patton says there are already similar events planned throughout the city.

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