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Overgrown weeds at an intersection on East 16th Street blocking view of traffic, resident says

Posted at 7:27 PM, Jul 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-03 19:27:57-04

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man says out-of-control grass and shrubs at the end of his street are blocking the view for drivers trying to get on to 16th Street. He says he has called the city numerous times, but nothing happens.

The overgrown shrubs blocking the line of sight along 16th Street on the city's east side is an annual problem for RJ Smith.

"It's not my property, but I tried to maintain it, but it's gotten too much now and it affects being able to see," Smith said.

Smith has lived in his home on the corner of Coolidge and 16th Street for more than 20 years. He says for most of that time he's maintained the shrubs that grow beyond his property line when the city doesn't. However, as he ages, it's getting harder for him to maintain property city crews are supposed to be clearing.

"Unfortunately, I'm just not able to do it anymore," Smith said. "I can't believe someone has not gotten hurt."

According to Smith, he is no stranger to the Mayor's Action Line, as he says he has called numerous times to tell city officials about the out-of-control grass blocking the view of drivers trying to turn on to 16th Street. But so far, it's an ongoing battle.

"I think it was yesterday, I put the email into you [RTV6], and you called this morning. You can't put a price on it that you would respond like that," Smith said. "I would think there would be resources in the city that someone would at least give me a phone call."

At the top of Smith's fears are the people who have no sidewalk to use and are forced to walk in the street. He says the stretch of road is an accident waiting to happen.

"Some of the cars are pretty low, and so you don't see them in the weeds. So you have to pull out very slow," Smith instructed. "It's not about me. I'm just trying to help."

RTV6 sent pictures of the intersection to the Department of Public Works asking what could be done to make it easier to see at that location. The newsroom will let you know when we learn what the city plans to do.

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