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Parents and students weigh in about Indianapolis high school students riding IndyGo buses to school

Posted at 6:28 PM, Jun 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-26 19:34:59-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Under a new agreement, Indianapolis Public Schools students would have unlimited IndyGo transportation during the school year.

IPS is urging more high school students to ride the IndyGo buses to school by giving those students free fare cards. The move is designed to lower the district's transportation budget.

One student from Shortridge, 16-year-old Amelie Zirnheld, said this is good news.

"A lot of times, a lot of my friends miss the bus, and they have to miss a full day of school because their parents can't drive them," Amelie said. "With a city bus, it gives them a lot more flexibility. I think it builds more independence, building the skill of getting from place to place on their own."

Amelie's mother is on-board with the IndyGo option.

"She has two older brothers who are graduates of Shortridge, and this wasn't an option for them. It's a movement in the right direction," Rebecca Zirnheld, Amelie's mother, said. "It's been crazy going around Shortridge as the Redline gets ready. I'll be interested to see how that streamlines once the construction is done."

And while these students are riding these buses, will it make them customers for life?

"There is a trend that younger generations are driving less and less. They are waiting longer to get their drivers licenses," Bryan Luellen, IndyGo Vice President of Public Affairs, said. "We see this as a market of opportunity for us to get the most out of this investment. That we are making in the transit system."

Fifteen-year-old Donald Brown will attend Arsenal Tech in the fall. Donald's mother says he will ride Indygo.

"I've heard some parents are worried about security and safety. I'm not worried," Sharon Cunningham said. "Because if you put God first, your kids will be OK."

Most people are relying on more than just blind faith. And this city bus option could save IPS thousands of dollars this school year.

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