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Pendleton cemetery damaged in tornado, volunteers need help

Posted at 9:31 PM, Jun 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-10 21:31:35-04

PENDLETON — Two weeks ago, four tornadoes ripped through central Indiana. Communities are still trying to clean up and get back to their normal lives.

Throughout a graveyard, headstones are still covered by trees that came down during the tornado. Volunteers — perfect strangers — have been stopping by to help.

If you drive through Pendleton in Madison County, you're sure to come across crews still clearing streets, yards, and homes. And plenty of neighbors stepping up.

"Nobody here [at the Huntsville cemetery] could really speak for themselves, or do anything for themselves, so that's where we decided to put in our work," Mindi Clendenen, who lives in Pendleton, said.

"I couldn't imagine coming out here right now and wanting to have a moment with my loved one and seeing their headstone tipped over," she said. "That would break my heart."

Trees toppled over several headstones throughout the graveyard during the EF-2 tornado.

"There are a lot of veterans buried out here. There are babies buried out here," Clendenen said. "I mean these are peoples loved ones that are still trying to recover their own homes and can't get out here."

Therefore, Clendenen and other volunteers have been cutting up trees, removing debris, and recovering graves as much as they can.

It's unclear who maintains the cemetery. RTV6 contacted the County Cemetery Commission but haven't been able to locate the owner.

Volunteers will gladly use your help if you're able.

Send an email to to help in their volunteer efforts.

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