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Program helps Latinx community members grow and expand their businesses

The free program is called Accelerate Latinx
Latinx Business Program
Posted at 9:39 PM, Sep 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-29 21:47:05-04

INDIANAPOLIS — A new free program through the Indy Chamber’s Hispanic Business Council is helping Hispanic and Latinx business owners succeed.

It is called Accelerate Latinx powered by Interise. The program includes business classes, mentoring and networking opportunities.

The first group of business owners to complete the program just recently graduated.

“Initially we thought we were getting the tools to grow our business and then we realized we were getting the tools to survive during COVID-19,” said Diana Kay, Project Manager and Elite Management Services.

Kay is originally from Colombia, but now calls Indianapolis home. She says Elite Management Services provides valet parking for a number of restaurants, hotels and casinos.

"We just have our own position in the community, and I think as business owners we don't know everybody in the community so it's important to expand our network,” said Diana Kay.

Yancey Kay with Elite Management Services says he thinks the program is especially important for Latinx community members.

“There is a unique challenge I think all small businesses are faced with trying to network and grow beyond their own four walls. Immigrant businesses, Latin businesses in particular, are specifically susceptible to getting stuck with one restaurant or one client,” said Yancey Kay. “Taking that into a business that employs multiple layers of people or operates at separate locations that’s a whole other challenge so a program like this gives all businesses the opportunity to accelerate beyond that one shop.”

Those who helped start this program say that is exactly what they want to see happen.

“It is a dream come true. When I came here to Indianapolis… there were limited Hispanic and Latino businesses,” said Charlie Garcia. He is the owner and president of C Garcia Associates. They provide construction services. Garcia has served as a mentor to other Hispanic businesses owners for years. He said this program just combines the resources of several agencies to help immigrants expand and grow their business.

You can find more information about the program here:

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