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Red Line buses hit the road — and drivers are hitting the buses

Posted at 11:50 PM, Aug 30, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — The IndyGo Red Line is about ready to roll and, now that construction is out of the way, it seems the only thing blocking the buses are the cars.

After years of planning and months of anticipation, Indy's new rapid transit buses are hitting the road and drivers are hitting them during practice runs.

One of the new electric buses was damaged by a distracted driver Friday on Capitol Avenue. IndyGo said the mistake a driver made is your reminder for the changes coming on Sunday.

"Just like anytime you are behind the wheel, its really critical to be paying attention looking both ways, staying very alert," IndyGo's vice president of public affairs and communications Bryan Luellen said.

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In fewer than 48 hours, the 13-mile rapid transit line will start carrying passengers between 66th Street in Broad Ripple through downtown and ending on the south side at the University of Indianapolis.

Along the red-painted path will be new traffic patterns, signals and even bus stops where they weren't before. Starting Sunday, missing a new sign or turning the wrong way could end in a collision.

"Distracted driving is a really serious problem and with new traffic patterns all over the city, it's really important that everybody keeps their eyes on the road and watches for new configurations and new traffic patterns for the buses," Luellen said.

The new electric buses cost a million dollars each and damaging them may come with a bill the size of a bus.

"This is critical that everybody just bands together and recognizes that these changes are here and are live and that safety is our top priority at IndyGo," Luellen said.

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