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Religious leaders call for city-wide fast to curb violence

Details of the fast will be announced later this week.
fast to end violence
Posted at 9:59 PM, Jul 26, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS — A group of religious leaders across the city is calling on the community to join them in their effort to fast against crime.

Several leaders gathered Monday morning bowing their heads, clasping their hands and praying for peace. This comes after another violent weekend in Indianapolis.

“What would you expect from faith leaders but to lead the people in a stronger expression, public expression of their faith?” Dr. Clyde Posley Jr. of Antioch Baptist Church said.

He explained that he's working with dozens of other faith leaders to call for a city-wide fast.

“This fast that I'm calling for is designed to bring us back to a place where we become more intimate with God as a part of the solution to the condition of our city."

He plans to announce exact details of the fast later this week, but says he thinks it is a necessary step to help change the hearts of those committing some of the most violent crimes.

“We expect there to be a turn. We expect to stop seeing the same thing every Monday morning or every Saturday morning and we believe in our faith that is going to change. We are going to stop murder rates and stop with the aggressive behavior and turn the hearts of people back to faith," Dr. Posley said.

The violence has impacted many faith leaders themselves.

“One of the men who was shot seven times over the weekend was a former drummer at my church,” said Pastor Richard Willoughby of Promise Land Christian Community Church. “Sometimes when you look at stuff that's going on on TV you really can't personalize it, but when it actually happens next door or happens to somebody in your family… it becomes real personal and it becomes serious. You want everybody to do everything they can do, but that's what we should've been doing all along.”

Organizers recognize that a city-wide fast is a unique approach, but they’re hoping community members join in and use their faith to support the work already being done to combat crime in the city.