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Reminders from TSA as Indianapolis Airport prepares for busy weekend

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Posted at 7:28 PM, May 23, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — There is potential for severe weather on the holiday weekend, and that could cause delays for flights. However, that's just one thing to keep an eye on according to Transportation Security Administration officials.

The busiest days at the Indianapolis International Airport are expected to be Friday with 17,000 passengers passing through. TSA is expecting 18,000 passengers on Memorial Day.

Before you hop into the security line at the airport, TSA says to give yourself at least two hours before your flight.

"Keep in mind parking does become a premium sometimes, so add additional time for a parking spot," Mark Howell, TSA Regional spokesperson, said.

Plan for delays if people are bringing prohibited items in their checked bag, such as liquids in containers bigger than three point four ounces, knives, and some tools.

"A couple of these could turn a ripple into a title wave, in terms of talking about screening time for passengers," Howell said.

TSA officials say data show this can quadruple the screening time for travelers.

"Every time you find one of those we're going to have to go through the options of getting rid of it with them and then we have to put them through rescreening," Howell said.

TSA has seen an increase in firearms at security. So far this year, they have collected 29 guns, compared to last years total of 41.

With proper steps, firearms can be taken with you in your checked bag.

Another item that is not allowed through security are bricks from the track.

"It could be considered a bludgeoned item, it's very heavy," Howell said. "If you have those bricks you're bringing back from the Brickyard, make sure you place those in your checked bag when you're traveling back from the Indy 500."

There are also ways to avoid throwing away your precious items, like your Indy 500 memorabilia.

"That could be putting it in your checked bag, hand it off to somebody who dropped you off at the airport, and they even have mailers here where you can send it back yourself in postal mail" Howell provided.

Also, if your screen is cracked pretty badly, go ahead and print your boarding pass since the scanner will not be able to detect the code.