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Remote Work: Online marketplace connects remote workers to incentives for relocation

Posted at 5:30 AM, May 28, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS — Many cities and towns are equip with business entities like chambers of commerce to attract companies to their communities, but what about the remote worker?

One startup business seeks to fill a void in that area and provide a service for remote workers and communities alike.

Make My Move is an online marketplace for the remote worker.

Co-founder Evan Hock and his team made of former Angie's List executives are finding their place in a changing business world, especially as we come out of this pandemic.

"The future is remote," Hock said. "Remote work has exploded in the last year it had been growing steadily for us for a lot of years. There were 5 million remote workers pre-pandemic. There are about 60 million now. We expect about half of them to stay remote."

Make My Move is a user-friendly marketplace where remote workers who are free to move and live wherever they want can take advantage of local communities offering incentives for those workers to relocation to their community.

Hock said the idea of offering incentives to remote workers is a different way to look at stimulating the economy and it could provide a huge opportunity for cities and towns across the country, and even right here in the Hoosier state.

"For states like Indiana, that have a good cost of living, a good business climate, it's actually pretty comfortable to live here, we think these sorts of places are going to be great landing spots for a lot of these remote workers that are free to move for the first time ever," Hock said.

The website is free for the remote workers to browse and the company can even help you in the application process for these government incentives.

For local communities looking to recruit workers, the service is also free but they can choose to pay for a more robust marketing campaign and ads on the site.

Cities, states and towns may find value in recruiting these remote workers because of the money they bring to the local economy on a micro level. Workers who move to a community pay taxes, spend money and dine at local establishments.

On Make My Move, West Lafayette teamed up with Purdue to offer an incentive for workers who move to the area from out of state.

Certain applicants can receive up to 5,000 dollars in incentives and access to resources on campus.

All of the details and information on the community and the incentive program are broken down on the website and marketplace.

For more information and to shop around for yourself, visit