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Rene's Bakery loses delivery van after tree falls during storm

Rene's Bakery
Posted at 6:00 AM, Dec 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-16 11:38:59-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Rene Trevino’s baking fills people’s taste-buds with delight.

It’s been a staple in Broad Ripple since 2004, but for the first time, Rene said he’s dealing with a rotten situation.

A tree fell on top of his work van, parked near his business on Coil and Ferguson streets. He said it happened during the recent stormy weather.

“You know, that’s probably the worst thing that’s happened to me here,” Trevino said. “I really didn’t think much about it until I walked outside and saw how damaged my van was.”

Rene's Bakery

He said a customer gave him the news while he was working. He ran outside to see the tree toppled over the car.

“(There was) so much weight on the back of it that the driver side wheel is off the ground,” Trevino said.

In the light of day, you can see the dented roof, shards of glass on the ground and the root of the problem.

“The main problem was that the trunk was rotten from the inside, and it toppled over,” Trevino said.

Rene said he has car insurance. Even though he can’t use the car for any deliveries right now, his priorities remain on people.

“Most importantly no one was hurt, and my van was just parked there,” he said.

People responded to the news on social media with hundreds of reactions.

“It’s really been nice, the outpouring of support and concern,” Trevino said.

He said he feels concerned for his neighbors in Broad Ripple.

“The city really should probably check it out because it is leaning the other direction towards the house. And it would be much more expensive to replace a house than my car or my van," Trevino said.

Now, Trevino said he hopes winter weather and rotten roots won’t get the best of his Broad Ripple community.

What to do if you have a tree problem

So, who is responsible for the trees on the shoulder lawn between the street and the sidewalk?

In Indianapolis, if your property borders public land, there may be some debate about who has responsibility of the tree.

That means if you have any doubts or concerns over the ownership of a tree, you should be handled with the city.

Generally, trees in public spaces like city streets, sidewalks, parks, pools, and some businesses are within a city’s “right-of-way.” That means they are responsible to maintain them.

You can call the Indianapolis Bureau of Environmental Services at 317-327-2236 to determine if the tree is in the city’s right-of-way.