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Residents frustrated by ongoing illegal dumping issues in neighborhood

And it seems to be getting worse
Posted at 7:44 PM, Sep 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-04 19:50:08-04

INDIANAPOLIS - Residents in the Meridian Highland neighborhood of Indianapolis are frustrated after repeated instances of illegal dumping. Things like trash, old furniture and construction debris can be found almost weekly in the area.

It's a problem they say has been happening for the past year or so, but they say it's increased in frequency over the past few months.

"It requires a lot of time and effort for someone to come and do this and how they have not been caught is beyond me," said Thomas Trittipo.

Trittipo lives in the area and tells WRTV he has reported 15 cases of illegal dumping to the Mayor's Action Center since April 2020.

"We believe we have at least two dumpers. The one is dumping construction type debris, heavy tear-out removal type stuff. The other is dumping residential hauling and move out debris that is non-recyclable," said Trittipo.

He says he purchased his own trail cameras and does his own bike patrols each day to try and catch the people responsible. Others living in the area say they've noticed an increase in dumping as well.

"It is not like the dumping grounds of Indianapolis, but it's definitely enough for everyone to notice," said neighbor Ilan Berry.

Trittipo said the city does a great job of responding and cleaning the trash after it is reported, but he wants to stop it before it happens.

"It brings down morale definitely. We all take pride in this area and this is just kind of an insult to all of us because somebody has to remove it and pay for it, whether it's us or the city, we are all paying for it somehow," said Trittipo.

"The problem is that people don't have a place to dump their trash unless they pay for it and so people have to pay to dump their trash and they don't want to do that, so I think there needs to be better options for people, especially people with low income to dispose of their trash. It is a big problem here and it is trashing up Fall Creek," said Berry.

Those caught illegally dumping can face a fine of up to $2,500 for each case. The Department of Public Works encourages people to report illegal dumping cases to the Mayor's Action Center. If someone illegally dumps on your property you can fill out an affidavit to see if you qualify for a free cleanup.

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