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Residents want Comcast to bury their cable

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Posted at 9:44 PM, May 24, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — A long orange cable snakes its way through Stephanie Coe's yard, yet she tries to keep it off the lawn.

"As spring was approaching, I was afraid the mowers were gonna start coming, and the lines would get mowed over," Coe said. "I called for two straight weeks trying to get someone to come out here, and they just kept telling me they were gonna get with the scheduling crew — somebody would call me back. Never heard back from anybody, and I haven't seen anyone."

All this effort to get something done for a cable that she doesn't benefit from. That cable is mounted on the fence around her house, and extends hundreds of feet until it reaches the trees and connects to another neighborhood.

orange cable.PNG

Coe says she is tired of worrying about the cable, tired of talking about it and tired of spending hours on the phone trying to get it buried.

The utility companies have long ago planted flags in her yard to let the cable company know what areas to avoid, whenever they get around to burying the cable. Jeannine Evans lives just down the way from Coe and hopes that time is near.

"It just seems totally ridiculous," Evans said. "It' doesn't make any sense at all. The sooner they can get it figured out; they could unhook it here, and get it buried, one for the two."

Well, it's not that simple. After we reached out, Comcast sent a crew to the house and found the problem.

Mike Wilson, Comcast Public Relations Director in Indiana, told RTV6:

"It's a temporary line. We are working on infrastructure improvements in the area. We are going to fix it as quickly as possible."

Even though it won't be fixed immediately, Coe is thankful RTV6 got involved.

Wilson said he wouldn't be surprised if it were taken care of within a week. RTV6 will stay on top of this to make sure it gets done.