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School parking lot drag racers cause worries on south side

Posted at 11:25 PM, Oct 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-06 23:25:23-04

INDIANAPOLIS — People are using a south side elementary school parking lot as their personal drag strip, and neighbors say it is an ongoing problem with a simple solution.

A woman who asked to not be identified out of concern the drivers might retaliate said it is not the first time it's happened in the the back lot of Rosa Parks Elementary School in Perry Township.

"I heard squealing tires," she said. "I went to my patio door and saw this white car and a black car doing circles in the school parking lot, and it sounded like there were people cheering."

She said it has happened seven or eight times this summer in the parking lot that is just feet away from the backyards of several homes, including hers.

"My main concern is my grandchildren," she said.

Kids could be seen playing all around the neighborhood, including in the parking lot and on the playground at the school.

"There's children that ride skateboards and bicycles after-hours, and that seems like when they start doing their drag racing," she said. "They go in sharp circles, so it's continuous squealing."

Skid marks that were left behind by the drivers are still visible.

"I would think the school officials would be concerned about them losing control and going into the building," she said.

Neighbors say a gate at the entrance to the parking lot is usually left open.

"It looks like they have a gate they could put down to keep cars from going in there and it wouldn't certainly reduce the risks, I think," she said.

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