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Teen warns family of approaching tornado in Pendleton

Amiyah Thompson.PNG
Posted at 5:54 PM, May 29, 2019

PENDLETON — The cleanup continues in Pendleton following Monday night's tornado. Over 100 volunteers have registered and pitched in to clear away debris.

However, that's not the only storm story in Pendleton.

A 13-year-old girl spotted the tornado, and despite her family's initial disbelief, they're all safe today because of her.

Amiyah Thompson looked out the window of her home and saw what she didn't want to see. Her observation was met with skepticism from her mother.

"I was yelling that there was a tornado coming. She [Amiyah's mother] didn't believe me. My uncle was laughing at me," Amiyah recalled. "Then they looked out the window, and they said, 'start running to the laundry room.'"

"...I was scared, and I kept looking out the window. I knew it was gonna happen," the teenager said.

When it struck, it did damage their house, fence, trampoline, and a neighbor's barn.

Thankfully, because of Amiyah's warning, no one was hurt. Five minutes away, the twister was also wreaking havoc on the large old trees in 81-year-old Jerry Faucett's yard.

Volunteers who heard about the damage were busy at work cleaning up.

"I am one who loves serving other people. It is what I'm called to do," Emily Eppert, a volunteer, said. "Serving others is doing these type of things, whenever I'm able to."

"I like to give back to the community, the community always gives people so much," Macie Schmitt, another volunteer who helped clean up after the storm, said. "Help people you see in the grocery store. Help clean up their houses and stuff."

Faucett is thankful for the volunteers who have helped him clean up his trees.

"I knew that God was gonna take care of me, and he is. God bless every one of them," he said. "These people are a real blessing for me."

And for Amiyah?

Well, because of her alertness, her family says she is going to get a brand new trampoline, to replace the one the twister, twisted up.

trampoline after tornado.PNG

She is happy about that, but even happier that the family dodged what could have been much worse.

Over 120 volunteers helped folks like Faucett begin putting his life back together.

Volunteer opportunities are available on Thursday. Those interested must register at Pendleton Christian Church before being allowed to work.

The church is located at 1170 South Pendleton Avenue.