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Tips for landing your dream home in a seller's market

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Posted at 11:36 AM, Mar 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-10 11:36:25-05

INDIANAPOLIS — A mistake making an offer on your dream home could mean missing out on getting the deal done. Buying a home is much more complicated and competitive during the pandemic but experts say there are ways to land your dream home.

Number 1. Offer the asking price.

Number 2. Write the seller a nice letter.

Number 3. Help out with seller fees and expenses.

Still, there's no guarantee but these steps could set you apart from the rest.

“We sometimes will send over what is called a warm fuzzy letter with the offer. It's kind of like an introductory letter to give the seller idea who the buyer is. One time I had a client, he's in the military, and so he put an offer in and there were several offers on the home. And so, the seller was also a Veteran. The seller accepted his offer because he was a Veteran. The seller accepted the Vet’s offer,” said real estate broker Tonya Kinchelow.

“I would say taking the costs off the table and asking the seller to pay for your closing costs, pay your own closing costs is one of the ways that you can be competitive. Another way to be competitive is make your offer a strong offer. Don't think that you could come back later and, and, you know have a second offer be made. You want to make a strong offer. Another way is to be flexible with the possession date,” added Kinchelow.

Allen and Vanessa Mcclendon just closed a new home on March 1.

“It was very challenging kind of like being on an emotional roller coaster. The fact that it's a seller's market and you're looking for home knowing that if we put our condo on the market, then what's that going to mean, we kind of jokingly was like oh my god, we're going to be homeless,” said the couple.

This isn't THE Mcclendon's first time buying a home. Twenty years ago, they purchased their first home, but this go around is different.

“We're empty nesters now, and we were tired of the steps every day and go. So, we we're looking for a modern ranch style home,” added the Mcclendons

They say getting to the finish line and finally closing on their new home was no sprint, but they say the tips they got from Kinchelow made all the difference when it came getting a deal done.

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